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Floreal Alvarez

Floreal Alvarez

Leadership and Learning Specialist

Floreal has over 25 years’ experience as a leadership and learning specialist working in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, America and Africa and across a wide range of  industries and organisations – including government, financial services and retail. In this time, he has worked closely with banking, insurance and public sector call centres to improve leadership and customer service skills.

Developing Leaders

Floreal has a background in psychology and finance, and brings a depth of knowledge and relevant experiences to working with organisations to develop leaders capable of bringing out the best in their teams.

He believes that each of us has greatness within which can be unleashed through opportunities to reflect, learn and perform our talents.

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Inspire and Challenge

Floreal’s approach to helping teams work effectively involves inspiring and challenging them to become the best they choose to be. He achieves this by creating an engaging and fun learning environment based on trust and safety which allows learners to reflect on their own experiences, discuss insights with their colleagues and identifying how best to apply their new skills to help them continue to grow. He employs innovative, experiential learning activities based on neuroscientific research which allows learners to solve their work-place challenges.

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Impactful Learning Programs

In order to design and facilitate learning programs which are relevant and impactful, Floreal works closely with people across all levels of an organisation. This ensures that the programs are contextualised to the language and culture of the various teams which allows learners to participate meaningfully with the content and strive to achieve the goals set for themselves, their teams and the organisation.

Team Hugging
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