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Holly Jonas

Holly Jonas

Operations, Technology & Marketing

Holly is a marketing, operations, and communications professional with 20 years of experience building iconic brands across Europe, The Middle East, Africa, APAC, and ANZ. Skilled in strategy, marketing planning, and operations.

Triple Play

Holly is an accomplished marketing, operations, and communications professional with 20 years of experience. With a proven track record of producing award-winning work and driving accelerated business growth, Holly has worked on a multitude of brands and marketing campaigns across Europe, The Middle East, Africa, Pakistan, Australia, and New Zealand. She has held various roles on both agency and client side, focusing on strategy, marketing, brand building, and marketing planning and operations.

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Customer led executive

Holly excels in strategy, marketing, brand building, and marketing planning and operations. With experience in leadership, fostering culture, program management, change management and stakeholder management. Holly has successfully led complex strategic programs at scale. Her expertise, combined with her strong leadership skills and passion for developing young talent, make her an asset in any customer-led executive role.

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Technology & Marketing Experience

Strong understanding of technology-enabled business transformation having worked in technology for Salesforce, Slack & Uber. Her expertise spans operational excellence and program management and implementation. Additionally, her experience extends to managing vendor relationships, procurement, contract negotiation, and driving technological innovation to enable business growth.

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Diverse Industry Experience

Holly brings a wealth of diverse experience across multiple roles and industries. She has served as an Engagement Delivery Lead at Slack, leading the APAC Engagement Delivery Team. She has held pivotal positions at Uber, Optus, Zip Co., and IAG, where she honed her expertise in marketing strategy, managing operations, delivering impactful programs, and effectively engaging stakeholders. Her skillset encompasses operational excellence, go-to-market strategy, contract negotiation, and inspiring team leadership.  

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Operational Expertise

Highly skilled in operational excellence, bringing extensive expertise to her roles. She has successfully led and transformed operations in various organisations, including Uber, Optus and Slack. She has a strong track record of delivering complex strategic programs and driving operational efficiencies. Her operational expertise spans areas such as program delivery, stakeholder management, contract negotiation, finance management, and business improvement.

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