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Maria Stavrinides

Maria Stavrinides

Culture, Leadership & HR

Maria is a leading HR executive and registered psychologist with a career spanning corporate change including people and culture, organisational design, training and leadership program. She has consulted to CEO’s and group executive including Qantas, Westpac and IAG

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Maria is passionate about people and performance and strives to bring about behaviour change that translates into performance outcomes. She has extensive experience in organisational consulting specialising in People and Culture, Coaching and Leadership Development.

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Driving people engagement and high-performance cultures

For over 20 years, Maria has worked as a consultant, manager and an executive team member. She has worked alongside organisations, utilising assessment methods and delivering development solutions which drive a positive and productive work culture and people engagement.

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Experience across multiple industries

She has worked with organisations spanning a number of different industries including finance, airlines, transport, manufacturing and sport to name a few, and has worked across all organisational levels including executive leadership.

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Organisational structure design and coaching

Her areas of expertise are in organisational structure design as well as executive coaching and facilitation.

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